5 Ways we grew our pipeline in 2019

Yoli Chishholm at SaasTR 2020
Yoli Chisholm will speak on pipeline growth at SAASTR 2020

I joined Sprinklr almost 2 years ago and in we collectively in 2019 really buckled down as an organization to focus on some specific areas that resulted in an EPIC year across all disciplines. I’m honored to share some of the things we did in the area of Demand Generation to move the dial. Join me at SAATR 2020 Annual conference in March 11-12th. If you are going to be around lets connect!

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As the Marketer and Speaker - Yoli is available for Keynotes, panel discussions, podcasts, interviews, guest appearances and more on Modern Marketing, Digital Transformation and the impact of technology in marketing performance management.

As the Author - Yoli talks to women, young people and professionals about navigating the corporate world with intention.

As the Advisor - Yoli is interested in Advisory roles for Technology businesses BtoC and BtoB where she can provide guidance on growth and go to market strategies.

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