Creative Work for Sprinklr Sales Kickoff #ASKO2019

Sometimes it is the small simple projects that remind you of the basics of marketing and the foundation truths that just work. I recently had the opportunity to work on our companies Sales Kick-off event. Many of you will be familiar with the Annual Sales Kick off meetings where the objective is to get the whole sales and customer success teams together to align on objectives for the year as well as celebrate the successes of the previous year. So my marketing team had the chance to contribute to this effort and I’d love to highlight some of our work.

Background: The leadership team gave me one word  “Champion”  which I used to write the brief that every creative agency, internal marketing resource and production teams would align to. Our team was tasked with landing the creative experience of the Annual Sales Kick-Off event using the theme of “Champion”.

One of the truths that I learned a long time ago from my mentor Grad Conn is that the creative output is typically only as good as the creative brief. Even after 20 years as a marketer writing a brief is still a craft you continuously learn to hone. The brief needs to have a balance of clarity on the objective with enough free reign for the agency and production resources to be creative in bringing the theme to life.

Here’s a snippet from the brief outlining the objectives:

Below are some pictures from the event that some of the long term employees including the Founder and CEO said made for the best sales kick-off  they had been to #missionaccomplished a testament to the many people who collaborated to bring this to life including our Marketing Operations team and my partner in crime Murray, event agency, creative AOR, folks on my team Margaret, Eric, Tisha folks helping with admin Sabrina, Sarah, Shannon etc and numerous other people who worked tirelessly to create an awesome experience for the sales org. It was a ton of fun working seeing everyone take work from concept to reality.




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