Repost: ‘Traffic for years’: Why Tumblr is still valuable to some marketers

Digiday recently asked me to comment on the current status of Tumblr… you can read some of my thoughts here:


When Verizon bought AOL in 2015, the company became the owner of a social network. And while three years later, Tumblr may not have grown to be a viable Facebook competitor for a myriad of reasons, its community remains strong and therefore continues to be attractive to advertisers — at least for now.

This week, influencer marketing company Sideqik announced its integration with Tumblr, bringing in real-time data. On its dashboard, Sideqik’s clients, which include Coca-Cola, Universal and P&G, can search Tumblr users and posts and keep track of campaigns. Why launch something for Tumblr in 2018? According to Sideqik CEO Jeremy Haile, Tumblr is still worth watching for some of his clients, in particular ones in film, TV and gaming….READ FULL STORY HERE

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