Top Three Marketing Trends in 2019

I had an opportunity to Guest post at Martech Advisor and share my top 3 predictions for 2019

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Yoli Chisholm, VP of Marketing at Sprinklr, shares three marketing trends which we are likely to see in the coming year.

The world of marketing was a very different place 10 years ago. Google Chrome was introduced in 2008, GPS on phones was gaining popularity and the first commercially available smartphone running the Android mobile operating system was released. Many of the apps that we rely on today – from Instagram to Pinterest – didn’t even exist yet. Although marketers accurately predicted an increase of advertising dollars going towards online media strategies, we still capitalized the word “Internet” and described it as “alternative media.”

Today, it’s impossible to imagine a world without hundreds of apps to choose from or GPS on your mobile phone. Digital advertising spending has surpassed traditional TV, digital transformation has spread across businesses worldwide and the notion of the “Age of the Customer” is a dominant marketing strategy for all major brands.

With so much change happening so quickly, how can we predict the next year? I’ve monitored best practices that Sprinklr’s most valuable clients are following, shifts within social marketing and new data governance rules to develop the top three marketing trends of 2019:

1) Social Data Insights & Governance.

 Nearly half of the world is on social media and 88 percent U.S. adults ages 18-29 have at least one social media profile. A growing number of people on social results in a growing number of conversations that brands need to monitor in real time. In 2019, this real-time experience data will become more important than ever for forming the foundation of a brand’s marketing strategy. This data answers essential questions, including: how are your customers engaging with you right now? How they happy customers at this time? Is the product doing what they expect? Is your care team meeting the needs of every customer?

By managing the growing volume of social data, brands can provide personalized experiences, improve their products, transform customer care and create relevant storytelling that is powered by real-time audience insights. Additionally, data security is always a priority but in 2019 it will become increasingly important for marketers to have the right governance structures in place to manage data in compliance with global regulations.

Excerpt: Read Full Article here 

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