Twitter & Sprinklr Host #ModernCustomerCare with Insights from Verizon Footlocker DnB

Modern Customer Care is central to delivering great customer experiences and that was what a panel of distinguished digital transformation leaders at Footlocker Matt Mcnichol; Verizon Ken Madrigal and Dun & Bradstreet Katelyn Brower talked about January 31st at the Twitter headquarters in New York. I had the honor of moderating the panel and co-hosting with our partner Kenny Lee at Twitter.

There were so many great insights that at the end of the day really just boil down to loving your customers.  Imagine that! I am reading this book by Tom Peters called “The Excellence Dividend” and in it chapter after chapter he takes this idea of loving your customers a step further and boils it down to loving your employees. He is able to demonstrate that some of the most well run companies, best places to work are also highly profitable growth and revenue generating machines…. over and over he says its not rocket science… treat your employees like Gold and they will in turn treat your customers like gold. All this loving turns your business to gold.

Its exciting to be able to put together my love of  the art and science of business together with my desire to add value to society. At Sprinklr we are really thinking about how we enable modern customer care with technology. What does it take on the backend to love your customers??? Lots to think about and I thank our customers Verizon, Footlocker and DnB for trusting us with that piece of the larger goal. It was #TimeWellSpent learning how they love their customers using Twitter and Sprinklr.

Check out the Twitter Moment and pics from the event… BIG thanks to my fellow #Sprinklrites for braving the #polarvortex and coming out to show support and love to our partner Twitter, Customers and Teammates.

Twitter Moment Modern Customer Care

Panel Discussion


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