Where do you see social media going in the next decade starting 2020?

[Excerpt from recent interview in SocialMediaAge.com]

Where do you see social media going in the next decade starting 2020?

We’re making a massive societal shift from the broadcast mindset to a conversational mindset. Some brands are already great at creating a human, personalized way of talking to people but it’s not pervasive, and it’s not across all social and messaging channels. In the next decade, we’ll see this change – creating human connections will be the most strategic investment that a brand can make.

Every single business will use social media to communicate with customers – it won’t be thought of as a separate channel for marketing. Social will be the main way companies in every industry – B2B and B2C – connect marketing, advertising, research, care and engagement. And, data from these interactions across social channels will be integrated into every department to help brands increase revenue, reduce costs and mitigate risks. Some Sprinklr customers who are advanced in their use of social – like Nike and Microsoft – are already doing this really well. But it will become essential for every company to do this if they want to survive and thrive in a landscape where customer expectations will only increase.

The way people and brands share information and communicate across social and messaging channels will also change. It will become much more visual – more videos, more images. The rapid popularity of TikTok and continued growth of Instagram shows the potential for this type of communication. And, with our Sprinklr data, we can see that images are often shared more than just text-based messages when consumers talk about major events like the Olympics and holidays like Halloween.

What are the biggest challenges companies face when managing social media?

One of the biggest challenges most companies face when managing social media is creating a unified view of the customer across all channels and a unified approach to the customer’s interactions. If a customer reaches out to a brand on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, website form, phone, etc – they should always get personalized service with the same brand message. The brand should know who the customer is across all channels – a unified ID no matter how the customer reaches out.

Another challenge is automating workflows across channels and measuring ROI of content. In the next decade, more brands will be using AI-driven listening and reporting to improve content. Every message should be read by an AI model, filtering spam and noise from the inbox of the community manager. And, more brands should be re-using top performing content across channels and business units.

Tell us about Sprinklr and what some of the best features it has.

Sprinklr is the world’s first Unified Front Office for Modern Channels. Brands rely on Sprinklr’s Unified Front Office to execute customer experience management. Here are Sprinklr’s top five differentiators:

1. Single, Unified Platform: Sprinklr is the only platform that brings together capabilities for marketing, advertising, research, care and engagement in a single environment with a consistent user experience. Sprinklr’s five products are built on ONE single instance deployment cloud. This means everything in Sprinklr is available in a single view, with a single login.

2. Built on a layer of advanced automation and A.I. Sprinklr’s AI capabilities are built into the core of Sprinklr’s platform, so they can be used across all customer-facing departments. Sprinklr processes an average of 700+ million messages per day across social channels and becomes smarter with every customer interaction by learning to recognize patterns in social data.

3. The broadest listening coverage. Sprinklr has the broadest and deepest coverage, not simply social monitoring like other platforms. Sprinklr can listen to real time and historical data on 23 social channels, 11 messaging channels, blogs, forums and review sites so that brands can analyze customer conversations in a single place, without having to switch tools and deal with disconnected data.

4. Enterprise-grade compliance and governance. Sprinklr takes compliance and governance seriously and provides the most robust solutions for managing risk and vulnerability. It’s why four out of the five top U.S. banks trust Sprinklr. By unifying disparate tools and processes in a single platform, Sprinklr removes disjointed, inefficient workflows.

5. Sentiment capabilities, Visual Insights, Location intelligence, and Presentations. Sprinklr has a number of unique capabilities in its platform that no other competitor has, and it would take years for them to build. For example – sentiment. Sprinklr doesn’t assign sentiment to a single word or phrase. Sprinklr’s artificial intelligence capabilities can understand and differentiate which words are positive and negative based on their context. For example, for a healthcare company, the word “sick” might be negative. But for a brand like Red Bull, “sick” is a positive word.

Visual Insights. Provides unmatched logo detection, which is extremely useful when customers post images of a brands logo with no text or no brand mention.

Location Intelligence. Helps brands with multiple locations, such as a hotel chain or a restaurant chain, drill down to get details on how each location is performing.

Presentations. Only Sprinklr makes it possible for brands to easily turn customer conversations into brand-compliant, stunning presentations that can be created without leaving the platform.

Do you believe social media needs to have a fact checker in place?

A top priority in the next decade is managing brand risk. In order to do this, brands need their internal governance plan with automated “stop publishing” capabilities to ensure brand guidelines are maintained. User governance roles are table stakes to ensure that only approved users have access to brand accounts and assets. Additionally, brands should have an automated approval process for every single piece of content along with audit trails to identify all of your company’s social channels, as well as any impostor accounts.

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