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Fractional CMO
Former Microsoft, Sprinklr, eBay,, Lavalife


Yoli is an award-winning Marketing Executive recognized as a “Digital Innovator”. In 20 years as a business professional, she has cultivated a multifaceted career as a Revenue Marketer, Corporate Career Anthropologist, Entrepreneur, and Speaker who writes about these areas including her book on navigating corporations - Crushing Corporate.


Whether she is talking to students or professionals about their career development, small businesses, startups, or seasoned marketers about building their businesses, Yoli fuses a message of proven performance principles and disciplined risk-taking. Playing a leading role in every digital marketing transformation since the
commercialization of the internet Yoli has earned a reputation as a very early adopter of new technology.
She has a passion for the impact of culture as a lever to optimize business performance and speaks on the topic in her TEDx talk “Are you a strong Tree?” As the Author of Crushing Corporate Vol. 1 & Vol. 2, Yoli brings to her writing a point view on intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship having experienced different corporate cultures at 10+ corporations including Microsoft, Sprinklr, eBay, Lavalife,  and consulting with startups globally US, Canada, Switzerland, UAE to working for the Danish Embassy in Africa over a 20-year career span.


A business “backbone builder” with deep B2B marketing innovation roots. Seeking to motivate in ways that deliver measurable transformation to organizations and people striving to excel.

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